Brian and Lorraine Milner

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    We both felt God was calling us to full-time service while we were engaged. We then got married in 1969. We were aware of the need to have a better understanding of the Bible and applied to go to the Bible Institute. We arrived at BI as a young married couple in 1971. Brian studied for the 3 year course and also did a Diploma of Theology (London), and Lorraine studied for the 2 year course. We lived in Roxton house and our room was the narrow one upstairs, between the 2 lecture halls, known as “the Juliet room.”

    During the July holidays in 1972 we went with a team to an Africa Evangelical Fellowship (AEF) mission station, called Lutubeni, in the Transkei (Eastern Cape) to help with the ministry to the Xhosa people. God laid it on our hearts to join AEF and go to this mission station, when our studies were completed.  We joined AEF in 1973 and were sent to Lutubeni for language study and orientation. We served the Africa Evangelical Church, with Brian preaching and also building a new mission house.

    In 1976 we moved to join Ray and Rona Oosthuis in their ministry at Christian Ministry to Miners (CMM), in Klerksdorp. Our ministry involved showing films in the mine hostel arenas at night and selling Bibles and books in different languages from Kombi vans. Brian was involved in the production of an evangelistic film using African actors, which was specifically geared for the miners. We served God there for about two and a half years before moving across to our own station of CMM, at Evander, to continue the same ministry.

    After 6 years we resigned from AEF to move to Strand, near Cape Town – as God had been calling us very clearly to minister to children, through many ways and through the scriptures. We joined Child Evangelism Fellowship in 1985. We ran a Good News Club to spread the gospel to children in Somerset West, near Cape Town. Brian worked at their office and learned how to operate a printing machine as well.

    After 2 years God moved us on to Scripture Union in Rondebosch, Cape Town, – Brian was producing their Bible reading notes and later Lorraine worked in the SU Bookshop nearby.

    After 13 happy years both Brian and Lorraine were re-trenched, so we applied to go back to AEF, which was in the process of becoming Serving In Mission, and we were accepted. We both served God in the SIM office. Brian helping with their computer network, and the SIM magazine. Lorraine helped keep the database up to date and allocated donations to the missionaries, where they were designated.

    In 2005 God called us and sent us to Christian Outreach Media (COM) in Kwa-Zulu Natal to start up a video ministry to young people. We made a drama to challenge adolescents to live God’s way. Then we made several DVDs of a children’s evangelist (Uncle Gum Gum) giving the gospel message. Then we had to return to Cape Town in 2012 as COM was being handed over to Trans  World Radio – and for family reasons.

    We now continue our DVD ministry from home, filming ourselves using puppets to tell the gospel message to children. We are still making new DVDs which are being used all over the world.

    Respectfully submitted by Brian and Lorraine Milner.