Mary Batteson


    Mary BattesonMary (- or did you know me as Fuzzy?)

    After graduating from BI at the end of 1966 and doing a year of Zulu study at Pietermaritzburg, I went to work with AEF at Mseleni Mission Hospital. I spent nearly 11 very happy years there and fully expected to retire from there! But God had other ideas. My mother passed away in 1977 and the following year I had to go home to care for my father who was not coping well on his own. It was very difficult for me to leave the work that I had been so happy in, but it was clearly God’s plan for me.

    The next 15 years I worked at Edenvale Hospital and cared for Dad who lived the the age of 90! As I was working full-time and having home responsibilities, I had limited time for church work, but after my father passed away I took early retirement and spent several years working in my home church – Rouxville Baptist Church.  Then in 2001 I was asked to join an HIV specialist’s practice and run the clinical trials. All the staff in the practice were Christians and we saw it as a ministry. I really enjoyed that work too and we saw many patients blessed and committing their lives to the Lord. I retired from the clinic in April 2014.

    I have been in Rouxville Baptist Church since I was 10 years old and am still there and enjoying it more than ever before. I didn’t ever dream when I was a child in the junior classes of the Sunday School that one day I would be an elder in the church, but that is the way it has worked out!! The church has become very multiracial which I so enjoy. I teach the discipleship class which has always been on my heart and am involved in mentoring some of the young folks who in return are so good to me. What I really enjoy about growing old is the young people around me and knowing God so much better. God has been SO GOOD to me and I am so grateful to Him.

    I would love to be at the BI reunion and hope to see many of you there!

    Fuzzy (Mary) Batteson