Neil du Plessis

    After BI (the best thing I ever did) I went back to sea for a few months, married Kathleen Doody, and two weeks later started a YMCA career in Cape Town, was called to Durban which gave me the very best mission opportunity as the Residence Secretary.

    God richly blessed my efforts over the next six years and several of the bible study group continued to Bible Schools and some even went to BI. With over 200 young fellows with a large turnover of them coming from every country and working for a few months and then moving on – they had heard the Gospel.

    We had two children David and Karen, with Jono on the way. I was fired, and the Pietermaritzburg Y accepted me as General Secretary. The next year 1975 would be the Centenary year – so there was much to organize. Here there was less opportunity to evangelize but much opportunity to build and organize. One of the young men who came as a devoted catholic went on to BI, the C of E ministry, obtained a Doctorate and was the BI principal for some time.

    After twelve years in Pietermaritzburg, with a fourth child born Lara, we took a rather dramatic step to start a YMCA in the fastest growing port worldwide. There was no doubt in my call to start a YMCA in Richards Bay – but it was very different because the need was not so much for young men but for working men and families. Tragically this resulted in Kathleen divorcing me. I remarried two years later to Sheylah who has proven a most able helpmate. Circumstances led to me going on pension at 60 after some 31 years in the YMCA.

    From our year at BI Richard Ingles and Bernard Tarr (deceased) were also fellow workers. We retired to Port Edward and then later moved to Plettenburg Bay where I am involved in the Plett Evangelical Fellowship.

    I do some gardening, woodwork, play golf and continue to find the Word the treasury of everything Godly. We have just returned from a quick visit to Durban to see all the children and seven grandchildren.

    My stepson Yorke, is presently at Masters Seminary L.A. (John MacArthers) and is flying us to visit for four months. The grace and the goodness of God. Back early August for anyone passing through.

    Look forward to hearing from you all – will be checking my emails every day for news from you all !!

    Still Yoogie Bear and full of nonsense and rejoycing in Jesus.


    Best regards,

    Neil du Plessis