Luella Radue Campbell

    A 1965 reunion - Wow! What a stunning idea!Luella-Campbell

    Luella CampbellThis should have happened ten years ago so that
    those who were long in the tooth at BI could have
    still been around to join in!

    I would love to be part of a reunion to meet up with my college  colleagues  and  catch  up  on  some  of  their 50-year history.  That’s a lot of water under the bridge.
    When I told my pastor about it, he was delighted and urged me, “You have to go.”
    That swept my reluctance to travel at the age of 75 out of the window.

    I was at BI from 1962 -1965, not because I was stupid and failed, but because I was, together with Nico Bougas, one of the first to do the Dip. Th. course through London University and London Bible College (and I have a diploma to prove it!)

    I am currently Pastoral Assistant at Ebenezer Family Church in King William’s Town.
    My ex- husband, Harry,  (yes, we were divorced in 1991)  is gravely ill.
    He lives in a retirement centre in East London. He is, unfortunately, a diabetic and
    in chronic heart and kidney failure and his health is deteriorating from day to day.

    I have four married sons, one in the USA, one in Qatar but in the process of emigrating to Australia, and two in South Africa, and eight grandchildren. I see little of them except my third son who lives in East London with his wife and two sons.

    I trained as a nurse and midwife, married Harry after graduating from BI (he graduated in 1964)  and moved around the country,  from Johannesburg to Thaba N’chu,  to King William’s Town. back to Johannesburg, to Mafeking and back to King where I have lived since 1982.

    I worked as a midwife at the local hospital for seven and a half years and finally resigned in 1996 to run a Bed and Breakfast which I did for eight years. After I sold my business, I joined the staff of Ebenezer as a volunteer and have been here ever since – now in my twelfth year. I am in heaven, or at least as close to heaven as anything on earth can get!
    I work with the most incredible pastor and office staff; I do what I love doing, teaching, writing and preaching with other tasks thrown in. I live in a flat on the church property
    in the thick of a playschool of about 350 children which is part of our church ministry.

    Well, there you have it – a thumbnail sketch of Luella over the past 50 years.

    Please let us know asap so that the appropriate bookings can be made.
    I shall certainly be a part of the celebration.
    Greetings from an excited fellow student of yesteryear,

    Luella Campbell