Mientjie vd MerweMientjie Uys (nee van der Merwe)

    Time at BI from 1964 and 1965:

    I always remember with appreciation the privilege of having some of the lecturers staying at BI premises thus displaying their testimony in lifestyle re-enforcing what we learnt during lectures.

    This also applied to us as students.  Not merely gaining in intellectual knowledge of the Bible but also the opportunity for exercising practical Christianity. For example at meal times, gardening and also active recreation – a bonus for improved mental clarity during study time.    The importance of prayer at all times.

    I was was in Zimbabwe with the Dutch Reformed Mission in Bulawayo from 1966 to the beginning of 1969.  My involvement was Bible teaching at schools.  Also group-work and house visitation in the suburbs of Bulawayo.  The focus being on the women primarily.

    During 1969 I returned to Stellenbosch and married Johan Uys at the end of that year. We have a daughter and two sons and one grandchild. My husband passed away in July 1997.

    My main involvement is with the home church.  We have a Bible Study Group for domestic ladies.  I am participating with the outreach to farm workers, by a non-denominational group called “Watervalbediening”.  God is greatly using and blessing this ministry.


    Mientjie Uys