Year of 1935


    We seem to have had lots of students that year (still in Mowbray Manor House) and some of them are marked as "AEB students'
    Plus, one of the staff or students must have received a camera for Christmas, or was a photography buff !
    (AEB was the Africa Evangelistic Band, a Missions Training institution located in Cape Town)

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    1935 with matron


    1935 BISA


    1935 BISA edited


    1935 Students Hand written list by Ruth Wetmore Craills father


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    Some Students of 1935.

    First Year Students.

    • Douglas,  Terence
    • Graham, I. Y., (Phipson)
    • Harris,  Audrey,  (Deyermond)
    • Kramer, E. Miss

    Second Year Students.

    • Cherry ,  Mavis   (Wetmore)
    • Hamman,  Zephne
    • Spencer,  Vera (Stafford)
    • Warton,  Joseph