Year of 1939

    Group outside of the old Chapel door in 1939

    1939 Group outside Chapel door

    Hand written record of some of the names of the students.
    If you can help us to identify the students, please do so.

    1939 Names of Group hand written

    The Principal was Joseph Ward.

    JOSEPH WARD had been a BI Council member for a long time before he became principal in 1939. Ward loved teaching; the Council spoke of the “zeal, enthusiasm and life” that he brought to the College. Ward had a heart condition for some time. One day he went for his daily walk to Fish Hoek, but was too weak to walk back. He sat down on a bench, caught a chill. and later died of pneumonia.

    The names of some of the students in 1939.

    First Year Students Second Year Students Graduates of 1939.
    Adam,  Allan
    Fraser,  Roy
    Loewy,  Ernst
    Reed, Paul
    Stevens, Steve
    Wylei,  Michael
    Poorter,  John Durand, Mrs M, (Van der Merwe)