Year of 1946

    Stuart Law was Principal  (1945 – 1953)

    From 1945 to 1953 STUART LAW led the college. Law had an MA from Glasgow and ThM from Princeton. He told the BI Council that the “position of principal did not attract him”, but lecturing had a strong appeal for him. Law was the first of three Scottish principals whose tenure altogether was to last for more than 35 years,

    Names of first year students.

    Aves,  Dot
    Allchin,  Lilian
    Cheeseman,  Alison
    Davey,  Malcolm
    Eglington, Mrs Kathleen
    Glass,  Len
    Horn,  Irma
    Houliston,  Don
    Luke,  Edna
    Woollacott,  Gertude

    The story of Dot Aves

    I came to BI in 1946 but due to illness could only complete one year; I eventually went to work at a mission hospital in Zululand. Later I went to England to obtain a Tropical Diseases certificate. I was sent to a Mission Hospital in Katanga Province through the Congo Evangelistic Mission. I was prepared to make this my life’s work but was unable to continue when the Congo rebellion broke out.

    The next phase of my life was in Rhodesia, at Gutu Hospital (Dutch Reformed Mission). Then I joined the Rhodesia Nursing Service, which was desperately short staffed. Seventeen years later I retired to Klelnmond in the Cape at the age of 55 years.

    This has been a most wonderful time in my life in many ways. especially as I have been part of the formation of the first English Church in Kleinmond. We started nearly 30 years ago with 10 members as Kleinmond Fellowship Church. The Lord has blessed the work and today we have over 100 members. with even more during the holidays. I have the privilege of being the facilitator of one of the home  fellowship groups.