Year of 1951

    Staff and students of 1951:

    1951 Staff and Students

    A list of names of some of the Students of 1951.

    First Year Students
    Arnott,  Betty (Martin)
    Banwell,  Brian
    Cole,  Peter
    Eglin,  Lorna
    Foster,  Winifred
    Gammon,  Alan
    Greig,  Grace (Goble)
    Perkins,  June (Suter)
    Roper,  Freda
    Sadler,  David
    Vaughan,  Dan

    Second Year Students
    Chapman,  Mary
    Charlton,  William
    Clements,  Giles
    De Wet,  Rudolph
    Goatley,  Betty (Turvey)
    Goble,  Bill
    McGill,  Jessie
    Oosthuis,  Ray
    Rens,  Rona (Oosthuis)
    Schaff,  Stella (Coetzer)
    Turvey,  Jim
    Yeo,  Doreen (Treurnich)
    Third Year Students
    Baker,  Jean (Rhodes)
    McMinn,  Philip
    Prentice,  Alma
    Prentice,  Ken
    Taylor,  R  Miss
    Graduates of 1951

    Oosthuis, Ray

    Rens, Rona