Year of 1951

    Staff and students of 1951:

    1951 Staff and Students

    A list of names of some of the Students of 1951.

    First Year Students
    Arnott,  Betty (Martin)
    Banwell,  Brian
    Cole,  Peter
    Eglin,  Lorna
    Foster,  Winifred
    Gammon,  Alan
    Greig,  Grace (Goble)
    Perkins,  June (Suter)
    Roper,  Freda
    Sadler,  David
    Vaughan,  Dan

    Second Year Students
    Chapman,  Mary
    Charlton,  William
    Clements,  Giles
    De Wet,  Rudolph
    Goatley,  Betty (Turvey)
    Goble,  Bill
    McGill,  Jessie
    Oosthuis,  Ray
    Rens,  Rona (Oosthuis)
    Schaff,  Stella (Coetzer)
    Turvey,  Jim
    Yeo,  Doreen (Treurnich)
    Third Year Students
    Baker,  Jean (Rhodes)
    McMinn,  Philip
    Prentice,  Alma
    Prentice,  Ken
    Taylor,  R  Miss
    Graduates of 1951

    Oosthuis, Ray

    Rens, Rona






    Where are they now?

    "I suspect that most of the class of 1951/52 are no longer with us but maybe friends and family will share my good memories of Ray Oosthuizen, Bill Goble, Phil McMinn, David Sadler, Alec Ricketts, Lorna Elgin, Ray Trew and the others whose witness enriched my life at that time"  Dan Vaughan posted on Facebook 2020

    "Philip McMinn and his wife "Gerri" were a great encouragement to me and helped me get started in ministry when I was a student at BI almost 45 years ago ago.(76-78) and just after that too. Their son Clive McMinn and his wife Glenda are. serving Christ and the gospel together together in Delft"   Alastair Buchanan posted on Facebook 2020
    "Grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to be there to bid good bye to Alec and later Olive Ricketts as each went to be present with the Lord. I cherish wonderful memories of many prayer meetings. I will never forget the phone call by Alec to welcome me to BISA as a new student. It was in perfect Tiv language followed by a conversation in Hausa language! being languages they learned as missionaries in Northen Nigeria. The fruit of their kingdom labours together with the missionaries on their team has today given birth to a congregation of over a million people in membership! Praise the Lord for sustaining BISA to continue training men and women to know Christ and make Him known among the nations!! Thank you and all praise to the Lord for raising a generation of men and women in your time that were filled the holy zeal to make God's name great and known among the nations. Pray for us as we seek to mobilize more people for the great commission in our generation!"  Dr Jacob Igba, BI Lecturer, posted on Facebook 2020