Year of 1952

    Staff and Students of 1952:

    Hand Written notes as who these students are included below.  Please help us to identify them.

    1952 BI Students

    1952 Hand written names

    Here is a list of some of the students.

    First Year Students
    Crumpton, Derek 
    Greig,  Audrey
    Martin,  Taffy
    McMinn,  Daphne
    Suter,  John
    Van de Waal,  Maddie
    Winkelman,  Desmond
    Winkelman,  Ruth
    Wolfe,  John
    Second Year Students
    Arnott,  Betty (Martin)
    Cole,  Peter
    Eglin,  Lorna
    Foster,  Winifred
    Gammon,  Alan
    Greig,  Grace (Goble)
    Perkins,  June (Suter)
    Roper,  Freda
    Vaughan,  Dan
    Third Year Students
    Clements,  Giles
    Goble,  Bill
    Yeo,  Doreen (Treurnich)
    Graduates of 1952

    Goble, Bill
    Greig, Grace (Goble)

    Graduates of 1952