Year of 1953

    Stuart Law was Principal  (1945 – 1953)

    From 1945 to 1953 STUART LAW led the college. Law had an MA from Glasgow and ThM from Princeton. He told the BI Council that the “position of principal did not attract him”, but lecturing had a strong appeal for him. Law was the first of three Scottish principals whose tenure altogether was to last for more than 35 years

    Group of 1953
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    1953 BISA Group

    Names of some of the students of 1953.

    First Year Students
    De Koker,  Pamela
    Erasmus,  Jannie
    Greenland,  Edward
    Houison,  Jean (Vermaak)
    Jenkinson,  Leslie
    Maasch,  Walter
    McGregor,  Maureen
    Norris,  Norman
    Secretan,  Diana
    Slatter,  June (Maasch)
    Swanepoel,  David
    Viveiros,  Manuel
    Second Year Students
    Crumpton,  Derek
    Greig,  Audrey
    Martin,  Taffy
    McMinn,  Daphne (Carter)
    Suter,  John
    Van de Waal,  Maddie
    Winkelman,  Desmond
    Winkelman,  Ruth
    Wolfe,  John
    Third Year Students
    Arnott,  Betty (Martin)
    Cole,  Peter
    Foster,  Winifred
    Perkins,  June (Suter)
    Graduates of 1953

     McMinn,  Daphne (Carter)

    Daphne McMinn (Carter)

    Retired but not ‘tiring’.  (Quoted from “Newsline March 1999.)

    Daphne McMinn (Carter) attended BI in 1952/53 and as professional nurse worked in the community health field for many years. She found many opportunities for witnessing to the wonderful grace and provision of God and our Lord Jesus Christ. Looking towards pension and retirement her thoughts turned again to the foreign field and the possibility of working in a foreign land. The opportunity came when meeting up with Margaret Houison (also an ex 81 student working with WEC) who told of the needs in the land where she bad labored for many years. The result was that she spent 6 months with her in Allahabad teaching English as a second language.

    In January Daphne attended the “Ministry to Muslims” course here at BI.  At the end of February she returned to India for another six months.  This time to join up with and help a health team in Mussoorie.