Year of 1954

    Sandy Gilfillian was Principal  (1953 – 1959)

    SANDY GILFILLAN became principal in 1953 after completing his theological studies at the then fairly newly established London Bible College. He was the first of four LBC-trained principals, all of whom had studied under Dr Ernest Kevan. Sandy had a period as principal of the Baptist College in Johannesburg and then served as director of English religious radio broadcasting. Sandy and his wife Mary are presently living in Hermanus. (in 2008)

    Staff and Students of 1954:

    1954 StudentsBelow is an old hand written attempt to identify the students.  Please help us.

    1954 Hand written names
    1954 Hand written namesThe following is a list of some of the students of 1954.

    First Year Students
    De Klerk,  Petro
    De lange,  Kathy
    Griffin,  Joan (Judd)
    Harris,  Pauline
    Harvey,  Albert
    Harvey,  Perle
    Judd,  Hawtrey
    Lutge,  Raymond
    Munting,  Karel
    Pedersen,  Rasmus
    Roberts,  Cyril
    Robertson,  John
    Smith,  Edward
    Vaughan,  Sheila
    Second Year Students
    De Koker,  Pamela
    Erasmus,  Jannie
    Greenland,  Edward
    Houison,  Jean (Vermaak)
    Jenkinson,  Leslie
    Maasch,  Walter
    McGregor,  Maureen
    Norris,  Norman
    Secretan,  Diana
    Slatter,  June (Maasch)
    Swanepoel,  David
    Viveiros,  Manuel
    Third Year Students
    Crumpton,  Derek
    Winkelman,  Desmond
    Winkelman,  Ruth
    Wolfe,  John
    Graduates of 1954

     Houison,  Jean (Vermmak)

    Stories of the Students of 1954 will be posted here.