Year of 1966


    1966 Murdo Gordons furlough

    We were all very privileged to have the quality of lecturers we enjoyed and what we learned has, I am sure, stood us in good stead over the years.

    When the Gordon family was over in Scotland on holiday, David Carnegie acted as principal. I so enjoyed his very polite “British” manner, although it did cause some amusement at times. Do you remember his wearing his tie over his jersey and meticulously peeling every grape and removing the pips before eating.

     During 1966 it was our privilege to join with the students of Glenvar (AEB) for a visit to “Genadendal” the first ‘mission station’ in South Africa.  Another highlight was the Choir Festival that BI presented at the Mowbray Presbyterian Church under the direction of Myra Horn.


    1966 Staff and Students

    The surnames used for the ladies are as they were known while students.


    1966 Staff and students 1024x639


    Back RowWesley Visser, Hedley Stead, Robert Corder, Graham Radford, Neil du Plessis, Patrick Stevenson, Ian Thomas, Charles Paine, Errol Wesson, Eddie Markus.
    3rd RowCharles Haupt, Gunnar Keen, William  Blake, Wesley Gavin, Everet Bunt, Rob Queripel, Philip Sharpe, Lex de Wit, Bernard Tarr, Derek ‘JJ’ van Rensburg, Chris Venter, Aubrey Clarke.
    2nd RowMaureen Visser, Diana Hill, Georgina Acutt, Sandra Haegert, Kathy Hinds, Fiona Stewart, Ann Marsden, Emily Alcock, Jean Lochore, Margaret Miller, Daphne Hugo, Mary Batteson, June Stevenson, Nola Stuart, Rosina Want.
    Front RowMoira Horn, Terence Philip, Miss Dorille Ashley (Secretary), Rev and Mrs Clive Tyler, Rev and Mrs Murdo Gordon, Rev and Mrs Carnegie,  Mrs Ball, Richard Inglis, Jean Devlin.     Not in photo:  Elaine Noad


    Names and years of Students of 1966.

    First Year Students
    Acutt,  Georgina

    De wit,  Lex

    Haigert,  Sandra

    Hinds,  Kathy

    Lochore,  Jean (Philip)

    Queripel, Robert

    Stewart,  Fiona (Watson)

    Thomas,  Ian

    Venter,  Chris

    Visser,  Maureen

    Second Year Students

    Alcock,  Emily (Lowery)

    Batterson,  Mary

    Blake,  William

    Clark,  Aubrey

    Corder,  Robert

    Devlin,  Jean (Inglis)

    Doody,  Kathy (du Plessis)

    Du Plessis,  Neil

    Haupt,  Charles

    Hill,  Diana (Edwards)

    Horn,  Moira (Bouer)

    Hugo,  Daphne (Hershensohn)

    Inglis,  Richard

    Markus, Eddie

    Marsden,  Anne (Robson)

    Miller,  Margaret (van Niekerk)

    Philip,  Terence

    Radford,  Graham

    Sharpe,  Philip

    Stead,  Hedley

    Stevenson,  June

    Stevenson,  Patrick

    Van Rensburg,  Derek “JJ”

    Visser,  Wesley
    Want  , Risina (Fisk)

    Wesson,  Errol

    Third Year Students

    Bunt,  Everett

    Gavin ,  Wesley

    Horn,  Myra

    Keen,  Gunnar
    Noad,  Elaine (Kerkham)

    Paine,  Charles

    Stuart,  Nola (Taylor)

    Tarr,  Bernard

    Graduates of 1966 by surname

    Batteson, Mary

    Corder, Robert

    Devlin,  Jean (Inglis)

    Doody,  Kathy (du Plessis)

    du Plessis. Neil

    Gavin Wesley


    Haupt, Charles

    Hill,  Diana

    Hugo, Daphne (Hershensohn)

    Inglis,  Richard

    Keen,  Gunnar

    Markus, Ed

    Noad  , Elaine (Kerkham)

    Paine, Charles

    Philip, Terence

    Radford,  Graham

    Sharp, Philip

    Stead, Hedley

    Stuart, Nola  (Taylor)

    Tarr,  Bernard

    Visser,  Maureen

    Visser,  Wesley

    Want, Rosina (Fisk)

    Graduates of 1966 by first name

    Bernard Tarr

    Charles Haupt

    Charles Paine

    Charlotte Keen (nee Pahl)

    Daphne Hershensohn (nee Hugo)

    Diana Hill

    Ed Markus

    Elaine Kerkham


    Graham Radford

    Gunnar Keen

    Hedley Stead

    Jean Devlin (Inglis)

    Kathy Doody (du Plessis)

    Mary Batteson

    Maureen Visser

    Neil du Plessis

    Nola Taylor (nee Stuart)

    Philip Sharpe

    Richard Inglis

    Robert Corder

    Rosina Fisk (Want)

    Terence Philip

    Wesley Gavin

    Wesley Visser

     Where are they now?


    Mrs Gordon with her students from 1966BI hosted a Jubilee reunion organised by Hedley Stead at the campus in 2016 Click here to read about it >>50 year Reunion