Year of 1965


    In 1965 Rev Murdo Gordon was Principal.
    Rev David Carnegie was a Tutor and Mrs Carnegie also tutored
    Rev Clive Tyler started a 30 year term of service at the Bible Institute which included 12 years as Principal.
    Gunnar Keen was the House Chairman



    Staff and students photo of 1965

    1965 Staff and students for website

    Names,  from left to right  and  using the ladies’ surnames as they were at the time.

    Back Row. Derek ‘JJ’ van Rensburg, Bernard Tarr, Graham Radford, Charles Haupt, Hedley Stead, Frank Retief, Tony Fisk, Patrick Stevenson, Errol Wesson, Robert Corder.
    3rd Row. Wesley Gavin, Charles Paine, Everet Bunt, Philip Sharpe, Wesley Visser, David McIntyre, Nico Bougas, Neil du Plessis, William  Blake, Eddie Markus, Aubrey Clarke, Richard Inglis, Terence Philip.
    2nd Row. Suzzie Barnack, Rosina Want, Mientjie van der Merwe, Moira Horn, June Stevenson, Elaine Noad, Daphne Hugo, Jean Devlin, Margaret Miller, Mary Batteson, Val Ducat, Kathy Doody, Ina Leonard, Gladys Ford, Nola Stuart, Diana Edwards, Charlotte Phal.
    Front Row. Particia Connelly, Andrew Kerkham, Mrs Ball, Rev and Mrs Carnegie, Rev and Mrs Murdo Gordan, Rev and Mrs Clive Tyler, Miss Dorille Ashley (Secretary), Gunnar Keen, Myra Horn, Joe Bell.                                 Not in photo.     Luella Radue


    Names and years of Students of 1965.

    First Year Students

    Alcock,  Emily (Lowery)

    Barnack,  Suzanne (Schreuder)

    Batterson,  Mary

    Blake,  William

    Clark,  Aubrey

    Corder,  Robert

    Devlin,  Jean (Inglis)

    Doody,  Kathy (du Plessis)

    Du Plessis,  Neil

    Ford,  Gladys

    Haupt,  Charles

    Hill,  Diana (Edwards)

    Horn,  Moira (Bouer)

    Hugo,  Daphne (Hershensohn)

    Inglis,  Richard

    Markus, Eddie

    Marsden,  Anne (Robson)

    Miller,  Margaret (van Niekerk)

    Philip,  Terence

    Radford,  Graham

    Sharpe,  Philip

    Stead,  Hedley

    Stevenson,  June

    Stevenson,  Patrick

    Van Rensburg,  Derek “JJ”

    Visser,  Wesley
    Want,  Rosina (Fisk)

    Wesson,  Errol

    Second Year Students

    Bunt,  Everett

    Connolly,  Patricia (MacIntyre)

    Ducat ,  Valerie

    Gavin ,  Wesley

    Horn,  Myra

    Keen,  Gunnar

    Leonard,  Ina

    MacIntyre,  David
    Noad,  Elaine (Kerkham)

    Pahl,  Charlotte (Keen)

    Paine,  Charles

    Stuart,  Nola (Taylor)

    Tarr,  Bernard

    Van der Merwe,  Mientjie (Uys)

    Third Year Students

    Bell,  Joe
    Bougas,  Nico

    Kerkham ,  Andrew

    Retief,  Frank

    Forth Year Student

    Radue,  Luella (Campbell) 

    Graduates of 1965

    Barnack,  Suzzy (Schreuder)

    Bell,  Joe

    Bougas,  Nico

    Ducat,  Valerie

    Connolly, Patricia (MacIntyre)

    Fisk,  Tony

    Ford,  Gladys

    Kerkham,  Andrew

    Leonard,  Ina

    MacIntyre,  David

    Pahl,  Chatlotte (Keen)

    Radue,  Luella (Campbell)

    Retief, Frank

    van der Merwe,  Mientjie (Uys)



     Stories of the 1965 Past Students. Please send us YOUR story for publication here

    A deputation tour to Natal was sent out in April 1965 Deputation