Year of 1964


    In 1964;
    Rev Murdo Gordon was Principal.
    Mr Howard Green was Tutor, it was his last year at BI.
    Rev David Carnegie was Tutor.

    Staff and students of 1964:

    1964 Staff and Students

    Back row:   Wesley Gavin,  Evert Bunt,  A Jones,  ________ ,  Harry Campbell,  Charles Paine,  David McIntyre,  Gunnar Keen,  Nico Bougas,  Brian Gardner.
    3rd Row, standing:  Joe Bell,  S de Lange,  Allan Starling,  Frank Retief,  C Rautenback,  Tony Fisk,  Gerald Leonard,  Colin Sylvester,  Andrew Kerkham,  Barnard Tarr
    2nd Row, standing:  Luella Radue,  _________ ,  Nola Stuart,  Valerie Ducat,  Mientjie van der Merwe,  Myra Horn,  Christine Philip, Willa van der Merwe,  Ina Leonard,  Elaine Noad,  Charlotte Pahl,  Patricia Connelly,  John Hardcastle
    Front row, seated:  ________ ,  Miss Dorille Ashley (Secretary),  Mrs Margaret Gordon,  Mrs Ruth Green, Mr Howard Green,   Rev Murdo Gordon,  Rev David Carnegie,  Mrs Dorothy Carnegie,  Ms Dulcie Trueman (Matron), ________

    Please help us to identify those whose names are not included.
    The surnames used for the ladies are those as they were while students.

    Names and years of Students of 1964.

    First Year Students
    Bunt,  Everett

    Connolly,  Patricia (MacIntyre)

    Ducat ,  Valerie

    Gardner,  Brian

    Gavin ,  Wesley

    Horn,  Myra
    Jones,  Tiny

    Keen,  Gunnar

    Leonard,  Ina

    MacIntyre,  David
    Noad,  Elaine (Kerkham)

    Pahl,  Charlotte (Keen)

    Paine,  Charles

    Stuart,  Nola (Taylor)

    Tarr,  Bernard

    Van der Merwe,  Mientjie (Uys)

    Second Year Students

    Bell,  Joe
    Bougas,  Nico

    Campbell,  Harry

    Estment,  Mariana (Williams)

    Hardcastle,  John

    Homer ,  Nancye (Williams)

    Kerkham ,  Andrew

    Leonard ,  Gerald

    Lutge ,  Joan (Broughton)

    Philip ,  Christine

    Retief,  Frank
    Starling ,  Allan

    Stroebel,  Sheila (Waterson)

    Sylvester ,  Colin

    Van der Merwe,  Willa

    Third Year Students

    Radue,  Luella (Campbell)

    Graduates of 1964

    Allan Starling

    Brian Gardner

    Colin Sylvester

    Gerald Leonard

    Gerrit De Lange

    Harry Campbell

    Tiny Jones

    Here are the Stories of the 1964 Past Students.