Year of 1963

    1963 past students

    1963 past students names


    In 1963;
    Rev Murdo Gordon was Principal.
    Mr Howard Green was Tutor.
    David Carnegie started as a Tutor.

    Names and years of the Students of 1963.

    First Year Students
    Bell,  Joe
    Bougas,  Nico

    Campbell,  Harry
    David,  Rosemary
    De lange,  Gerrit
    Donald,  Vincent
    Estment,  Mariana (Williams)
    Hardcastle,  John
    Homer ,  Nancye (Williams)
    Kaldenberg ,  Jenneke (Fehrsen)
    Kerkham ,  Andrew
    Leonard ,  Gerald
    Lutge ,  Joan (Broughton)
    Philip ,  Christine
    Retief,  Frank
    Starling ,  Allan

    Stroebel,  Sheila (Waterson)
    Sylvester ,  Colin
    Van der Merwe,  Willa
    Second Year Students
    Baker,  Jean
    Birch,  Mary
    Cooke,  Robert
    Edmeades,  Peggy (Loubser)
    Heynes,  Lynette (van Vollenhoven)
    Keenan,  Noreen (Holmes)
    McCarthy,  William
    Radue,  Luella (Campbell)
    Ross,  Jocelyn (Lane)

    van Heerden,  Edna
    Want,  Stanley
    Webster,  Maureen (Scott)
    Third Year Students Graduates of 1963

    Birch,  Mary

    The Stories of the 1963 Past Students will be posted here.

    Below is a report on Mary Birch by Mrs Dulcie McDonald taken from the 1969 Annual Report.

    Miss Mary Birch (1962/63) is a National Sunday School Association Worker. In August 1968, she went to the United States where she took a special study course in Christian Education at the Bible Institute of Los Angeles. At the present time she is attending various Conferences and doing further study. She returns at the beginning of July to take up an appointment in Cape Town with the Sunday School Association. Her main sphere of work will be in the Teacher Training Field and she will also edit the Magazine” Advance.” Later in the year Mary will be arranging a series of lectures at the Bible Institute on Christian Education.