Year of 1962


    Rev Murdo Gordon was Principal.
    Mr Howard Green was Tutor.

    Names of Staff and Students in the 1962 photo.

    1962 BI Student Group

    The surnames used for the ladies are those as they were while students.

    Back row, standing;  Robert Cook,  Ian Kirby-Smith,  William (Bill) McCarthy,  Neville Holmes,  John Butcher,  Stanley Want,  Albert Blake,  Roland Pearce.
    3rd row, standing:  Doreen Starke,  Jocelyn Ross,  Maureen Webster,  Mary Birch,  Lynette Heynes,   Jean Baker,  Rosemary David,  Noreen Keenan,  Peggy Edmeades,  Edna van Heeden
    2ndrow, standing: Pat Ravenscroft, Maire Fleming, Joan Lutge, Elizabeth Sothman, Bernice Wakfer, Luella Radue, Cynthia Banfield, Anna Brown, Ivy Impey, Dorille Ashley.
    Front row, seated:  B (Boet) Stofberg,  Bruce Duncan,  Felicity Watson,  Mrs Gordon,  Rev Murdo Gordon,  Aunty Jo (Matron),  Mr Howard Green,  Mrs Ruth Green,  Helen Brown,  Desmond Campbell..

    Names and years of Students of 1962.

    First Year Students
    Ashley,  Dorille
    Baker,  Jean
    Birch,  Mary
    Cooke,  Robert
    Edmeades,  Peggy (Loubser)
    Froise,  Marjorie
    Heynes,  Lynette (van Vollenhoven)
    Keenan,  Noreen (Holmes)
    McCarthy,  William
    Radue,  Luella (Campbell)
    Ross,  Jocelyn (Lane)
    van Heerden, Edna
    Want,  Stanley
    Webster,  Maureen (Scott)
    Whitton,  Heather
    Second Year Students
    Banfield,  Cynthia
    Blake,  Albert
    Brown,  Anna
    Brown,  Helen
    Butcher,  John
    Campbell,  Desmond
    Duncan,  Bruce
    Fleming,  Maira
    Holmes,  Neville
    Impey,  Ivy (Giles)
    Kirby-Smith,  Ian
    Pearce,  Roland
    Ravenscroft,  Pat (McBeath)
    Starke,  Doreen
    Stofberg,  Andries (Boet)

    Wakfer,  Bernice (Blake)
    Watson,  Felicity
    Third Year Students Graduates of 1962

    Fleming, Maire

    1962 BI Graduating students


    The Stories of the 1962 Past Students will be posted here.