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    BISA 1960 Murdo gordon and Howard Green for NEWSLINE

    Year of 1960

    The Rev MURDO GORDON, principal from 1960 to 1981 (the longest time in office of any of the principals), came from the Isle of Skye, off the west coastal Scotland. He spoke Gaelic as a child, not learning English until he was about 13. Murdo’s great love was Doctrine; he was a fine teacher and expositor of historic Protestantism, and was also known for his pastoral heart. Murdo’s wife, Margaret, now lives back in Scotland with her daughter  while their children and grandchildren are scattered round the Peninsula and the UK.

     Staff and students photo of 1960:

    The surnames used for the ladies are those as they were while students.
    Please help us to identify those whose names are not included.

    1960 Student Group 180kb

    Back row: Duncan Vietch, W (Bill) Stuart,     WHO?   , Norman Underwood, Alan Harwood, Pieter Bosman, Ted Harrod, Neville Pickford, John Clarke.
    4th row standing: Floris Olivier, Keith Walden, Alistair McKensie, Johan Trotskie, Hugh Wetmore, Philip Mare, Allen du Plessis, Wally Acutt,  Ulrich Malan,  Michael Barrett, Taillefer Minnaar.
    3rd row standing: Annabella Drake (Strydom), Joyce Kent, Mary Forbes (Harrod), Grace Altenkerk (Johnston), Laurette Bester (Holgate), Edith Stevenson, Henrietta Edmeades (Conchor), Shirley Charlton,  A LADY, WHO? , Trevor Fish.
    2nd row standing: Ronald Maullin, Glenda Gebhardt (Fish), Dulcie Trueman (McDonald), Christabel Ansell, Lorna Brabant (Olivier), Yvonne Stofberg, Joan Walden, Jennifer Russell (Vos), Daisy Campbell , Neville Wood
    Front row seated: Max Ansell, Diana  de Villiers (Freeman), Kenneth Freeman, Mrs Gordon, Rev Murdo Gordon, Jo Schoeman  ( Matron), Mr Howard Green, Mrs Ruth Green,   Who is this?,  Gloria Murray (Bishenden), Michael Strydom.

    A list of the Names of the Students according to their year of study.

    First Year Students
    Acutt,  Wally
    Altenkirk,  Grace (Johnson)
    Booysen,  Anne (Minnaar)
    Campbell,  Daisy
    Charlton,  Shirley
    Clarke,  John
    Du Plessis,  Allen
    Du Plessis,  Dawn
    Edmeades,  Henrietta (Conchor)
    Evans,  Alan
    Forbes,  Grace (Harrod)
    Harrod,  Edward
    MacKenzie,  Alistair
    Minnaar,  Taillefer
    Pickford,  Neville
    Russell, Jennifer (Vos)
    Stevenson,  Edith
    Stofberg,  Yvonne
    Stuart,  Bill
    Trotskie,  Johan
    Trueman, Dulcie (McDonald)
    Underwood,  Norman
    Veitch,  Duncan
    Walden,  Joan
    Second Year Students
    Ansell,  Christobell
    Ansell,  Max
    Barret,  Marchael
    Bester,  Laurette (Holgate)
    Bosman,  Pieter
    Brabant,  Lorna (Olivier)
    de Villiers,  Diana (Freeman)
    Drake,  Annabelle (Strydom)
    Fish,  Trevor
    Freeman,  Kenneth
    Gebhardt,  Glenda (Fish)
    Harwood,  Alan
    Kent,  Joyce
    Malan,  Ulrich
    Mare,  Philip
    Maullin,  Ronald
    Murray,  Gloria (Bishenden)
    Olivier,  Floris
    Penney,  Dennis
    Penney,  Priscilla
    Strydom,  Michiel
    Walden,  Keith
    Wetmore,  Hugh
    Wood,  Neville
    Third Year Students Graduates of 1960

    Alan and Jean Evans 1960 61

    Alan Harwood 1959 60


     Stories of the Past Students of 1960.