Year of 1959

    Sandy Gilfillian was Principal  ( 1953 – 1959)

    SANDY GILFILLAN became principal in 1953 after completing his theological studies at the then fairly newly established London Bible College. He was the first of four LBC-trained principals, all of whom had studied under Dr Ernest Kevan. Sandy had a period as principal of the Baptist College in Johannesburg and then served as director of English religious radio broadcasting. Sandy and his wife Mary are presently living in Hermanus. (in 2008)

    Staff and students of 1959:

    The surnames used for the ladies are those as they were while students.

    1959 Students, with 61 people

    Back row standing: Alan Horwood, Harold Froise , Floris Olivier, Michiel Strydom, Trevor Fish, Pieter Bosman, Jimmy Carr,  Max Ansell, Warwick Mason, Cecil Webber, Ronald Maullin, Neville Wood, Dennis Penny
    4th row standing: Roy Carnall, Norman Casely, Ulrich Malan, Keith Walden, Gordon Russell, Philip Mare, Ken Freeman,  Tom Holdstock, Norman Wood, Hugh Wetmore, Mike Barrett
    3rd row standing: May Quinlan, Evelyn Read, Maureen Wade,  Marie Smith, Elaine Coetzee, Lorna Ueckermann, Jean Mitchell, Silvia Staley, Verna Stander, Lorette Bester, Priscella Penny, Annabella Drake, Elmyra Carr, Glenda Gebhardt, Valerie Crawford
    2nd row seated: Izak van der Vyfer, Joyce Scott, Milton Staley, Mrs Gilfillan, Rev Gilfillan, Mrs Schoeman (Matron), Mr Howard Green, Mrs Ruth Green, Grace van der Berg, Warner Vermaak, Patricia Sills, Joyce Kent (kneeling).
    Front seated on ground: Glenda Verster, Hilary Stegman,  Dianna de Villiers, Gloria Murray, Lorna Brabant, Christobel Ansell,  Joan Duguid, Lesley Russel, Pam Saville, Doreen Schwartzel, Marie Strauss.

    The list below is of the students by the year that they were in during 1959.

    First Year Students
    Ansell,  Christobell

    Ansell,  Max
    Barret,  Marchael
    Bester,  Laurette (Holgate)
    Bosman,  Pieter
    Brabant,  Lorna (Olivier)
    de Villiers,  Diana (Freeman)
    Drake,  Annabelle (Strydom)
    Fish,  Trevor
    Freeman,  Kenneth
    Gebhardt,  Glenda (Fish)
    Harwood,  Alan
    Kent,  Joyce
    Malan,  Ulrich
    Mare,  Philip
    Maullin,  Ronald
    Murray,  Gloria (Bishenden)
    Olivier,  Floris
    Penney,  Dennis
    Penney,  Priscilla
    Russell,  Lesley
    Strydom,  Michiel
    Walden,  Keith
    Wetmore,  Hugh
    Wood,  Neville

    Second Year Students
    Carnall,  Roy
    Carr,  Elmira
    Caseley,  Norman
    Coetzee,  Etaine
    Crawford,  Val (Nowlan)
    Duguid,  Joan
    Froise,  Harold
    Holdstock,  Thomas
    Mason,  Warwick
    Mitchell,  Jean
    Quinlan,  May
    Read,  Evelyn (Foley)
    Russell,  Gordon
    Saville,  Pamela ( Caseley)
    Schwartzel,  Doreen (Pryor)
    Scott,  Joyce
    Sills,  Patricia
    Smith,  MM (van Schalkwyk)
    Staley,  Milton
    Staley,  Sylvia
    Stander,  Verna (Durandt)
    Stegman,  Hilary (Wood)
    Strauss,  Marie (Hill)
    Ueckermann,  Lorna
    Van der Vyver,  Izak
    Vermaak,  Warner
    Verster,  Glenda (Whitaker)
    Wade,  Maureen (Wood)
    Webber,  Cecil
    Wood,  Norman
    Third Year Students
    du Toit,  Naomi, (De Kock)
    Graduates of 1959

    Crawford,  Val (Nowlan)

    Scott,  Joyce

    Warner,  Vermaak

    Stories of the Past Students of 1959.

    Below is a report on Joyce Scott by Mrs Dulcie McDonald taken from the 1969 Annual Report.

    Miss Joyce Scott (1958/59) is a Missionary with the Africa Inland Mission in Kenya and has just completed her second period of missionary service. Her main task has been the distribution of Literature through the “Kesho” Bookshop in Nairobi. Joyce is greatly used amongst young people and students by whom she is well received and is in demand as a speaker. She has organised her own choir and musical group called “The Associates” and they have broadcast from time to time. She recently took the late night Epilogues for a week. She has also written, produced and acted in a play on television. Joyce will be coming home on furlough in July next.