Year of 1957

    Students of 1957:

    1957 Students

    Below is an old hand written list of the students in the photo.
    Please help us to identify the rest of these people.
    1957 Hand written names

    The surnames used for the ladies are those as they were while students.
    Back Row standing:  Richard Cullingworth,  . . . . . . . ,  Harry Skews,  Neil Bezuidenhout,  Rupert Eliasov
    4th  row standing:  Jim Sheasby,  . . . . . ,  John De Kock,  Brian Gibson,  Dennis Clark,  Bernard Foley,  Danie Du Plessis,  George Hippert
    3rd row of Ladies:  Margaret, Adams,  Jean Mitchell,  Mary Hobbs,  Audrey Hippert,  Nancy Frazer,  Lilian Marks,  Dorothy Williams,  Ansie Visagie,  Daphne Peake,  Naomi DuToit,  Val Diepraam
    2nd row seated:  Llewellyn Brownes,  Margaret Herringshaw,  Johan De Koning,  Rev A S Gilfillan,  Mr Howard Green,  . . . . . . ,  Stephen Twycross,  Hilda Byfield
    Front row sitting on floor:  Jean Cubie,  Myra Green,  Alma Cunningham,  . . . . . . ,  Grace van der Berg,  Audrey Williams,  Rienie Otto,  Grace Cumming.  AND WHO is the other lady in this row? There should be the names of 9 ladies in this front row.  Anne Wilding perhaps?

    The list below gives the names of some of the students at that time.
    First Year Students
    Adams,  Margaret (Denny)

    Clark,  Dennis
    Cubie,  Jean
    Cullingworth,  Richard
    Cunningham,  Alma
    De Kock,  W
    Du Plessis,  Daniel
    du Toit,  Naomi, (De Kock)
    Eliasov,  Ruperd
    Foley,  Bernard
    Frazer,  Nancy
    Green,  Myra
    Hippert,  Audrey
    Hippert,  George
    Payne,  Gwyneth (Comrie)
    Peake,  Daphne (Gibson)
    Ramsay,  Marie (Hobson)
    Sheasby,  James
    Skews,  Harry
    Visagie,  Ansie (Viljoen)
    Wilding,  Anne
    Williams,  Dorothy
    Second Year Students
    Bezuidenhout,  Neil
    Bownes,  Llewellyn
    Byfield,  Hilda (Semple)
    Cumming,  M G
    De Koning,  J P
    Diepraam,  Valerie
    Gibson,  Brian
    Heanley,  John
    Herringshaw,  Margaret
    Hobbs,  Mary
    Hobson,  Dale
    Hope,  Patricia (Cox)
    Marks,  Lilian
    Mitchell, Jessie (Twycross)
    Otto,  Rienie
    Twycross,  Stephen
    Van den Berg,  Grace (Belsham}
    Williams,  Audrey
    Third Year Students
    Thomas,  Gwen (de Stadler)
    Graduates of 1957