Year of 1956

    Students of 1956:

    1956 Staff and students photo


    The first names of the students are given with their surnames.
    The surnames used for the ladies are those as they were while students.
    Names supplied by Roy and Pat Davey.

    Back row standing:  Ray Lutge,  Dale Hobson,  Frank Thorns,  Roy Davey,  Jack Smit,  Ken Miller,  Llewellyn Bownes,  Neil Bezuidenhout,  Ted Hope.
    3rd Row standing:  Steve Twycross,  Mike McIntosh,  Reg Austin,  Winston Adams,  Dave Crowdace,  Vic Stuart,  Petro de Klerk.
    2nd Row standing:  Naomit Smit,  Val Diepraam,  Hilda Byfield,  Joyce Fabricius,  Rosemary Catteral,  Margaret Houison,  Margaret Currie,  Maria Lutge,  Wendy Bownes,  Lillian Marks,  Olive Agnew  (Ricketts),  Pat Lowe (Davey),  Grace Cumming,  Gwen Thomas.
    Front row ladies seated:  Ray Endley,  Pat Hope,  Grace van den Berg,  Mabel Hermanson,  Isabel Catling,  Phyllis Roentgen,  Enid Sharrat,  Mavis Stuart,  Jess Mitchell.
    Sitting on the floor:  Morris Riddell,  Johan de Koning.
    And not present Dora Crewe.

    First Year Students
    Bezuidenhout,  Neil

    Bownes,  Llewellyn
    Byfield,  Hilda (Semple)
    Cumming,  M G
    Davidson,  Mavis (Stuart)
    De Koning,  J P
    Diepraam,  Valerie
    Gibson,  Brian
    Heanley,  John
    Herringshaw,  Margaret
    Hobbs,  Mary
    Hobson,  Dale
    Hope,  Patricia (Cox)
    Marks,  Lilian
    Mitchell, Jessie (Twycross)
    Otto,  Rienie
    Riddell,  Morris
    Twycross,  Stephen
    Van den Berg,  Grace (Belsham}
    Williams,  Audrey
    Second Year Students
    Adams,  Winston
    Agnew,  Olive (Ricketts)
    Austin,  Reg
    Catterall,  Rosemary
    Crewe,  Dora (Tudor)
    Croudace,  David
    Currie,  Margaret
    Davey,  Roy
    Fabricius,  Joyce
    Hope,  Ted
    Houison,  Margaret
    Knoester,  E (van Drimmelin)
    Lowe,  Pat (Davey)
    Lutge,  Maria
    MacIntosh,  Michael
    Maitland,  Donald
    Miller,  Kenneth
    Sharratt,  Enid
    Smit,  Jack
    Smit,  Naomi
    Stuart,  Victor
    Thomas,  Gwen (de Stadler)
    Thorns,  Frank
    Third Year Students
    De Klerk,  Petro
    Lutge,  Raymond
    Graduates of 1956

    Davey,  Roy
    Hope,  Ted
    Lowe,  Pat (Davey)

    Stories of the Past Students

    Below is a report on Ted Hope by Mrs Dulcie McDonald taken from the 1969 Annual Report.

    Mr. Ted Hope (1955/56) went to the Far East under the O.M.F. in 1957 and worked mainly among the Lisu peoples in North Thailand. He returned to South Africa in 1966 to take a special course at Wits. University where he obtained an Honours B.A. in Linguistics. Ted has been granted a special Scholarship and he is now in the Department of Linguistics at the Australian National University in Canberra. Here he will spend one year in study and one year in Thailand doing further research. Ted’s special qualifications in Linguistics will be of tremendous value in translation work and in preparing study courses for missionaries in the Lisu language.