Year of 1967


    In 1967:
    Murdo Gordon was Principal.
    David Carnegie was Vice Principal.
    Clive Tyler was Tutor.

    Comments by the 1967 House Chairman, Rob Queripel: When I considered the request for a short “intro” to my year as House Chairman, 1967, it was strongly brought home to me that I am not the sharpest nail on the block with regard to memory. I did the obvious thing and asked my friend Ian Thomas for the necessary help. However before Ian could reply to my request the Lord saw fit to take Ian home to be with Himself.

    This, then, of necessity contains a tribute to the memory of Ian. In our final BI year he and I shared the same zany sense of humour on the one hand and a newly acquired love for reformed theology on the other. A single item stands out in my mind and that is the effect which a sermon by Mr. Tyler had on us. I at first thought that it happened in 1967 but research shows that it must have been late in 1966. It was the day that the Prime Minister H.F. Verwoerd was assassinated in Cape Town and Mr Tyler spoke at evening devotions on Amos 3:6 “…shall there be evil in a city and the LORD hath not done it?”

    BI students are at times notoriously irreligious and this comes out in the nicknames we gave to some of our lecturers. I don’t know how Mr. Tyler and Mr. Gordon escaped being given nicknames but you will remember others’ such as “Frikkie” and “The Pope”.

    From time to time a staff member took a small group of students out into the country on deputation to advertise BI.  On one such occasion I had the responsibility of choosing a series of slides, showing such things as the lectures, studies, extramural activities, etc. The audience comprised mainly Afrikaans-speaking folk. I showed the slides while Mr. Carnegie gave the commentary IN AFRIKAANS. It was carried out almost to perfection with only the occasional German-sounding vowel.  Well done Frikkie!  Mooi skoot!

    1967 Names and years of Students

    First Year Students
    Asch,  Heinrich

    Callanan, .Maureen
    Day,  Cynthia (Schafer)
    Dewberry ,  Peter
    Dillman,  Beulah
    Giles,  John
    Hershensohn,  Michael
    Hulley,  Jenny (Staples)
    Jarman,  Robert
    Logan,  George
    Logan,  Lucille
    Matticks,  Wendy
    Metz,  Eleonor
    Riceman,  Antony
    Richards,  Norman
    Spring,  Rosemary (Riceman)
    Staples,  Brian
    Stead,  Joan (Leevers)
    Thompson,  Wendy (van Rensburg)
    Wolhuter,  Maragret
    Second Year Students
    Acutt,  Georgina
    De wit,  Lex
    Haigert,  Sandra
    Hinds,  Kathy
    Lochore,  Jean (Philip)
    Queripe,  Robert
    Stewart,  Fiona (Watson)
    Thomas,  Ian
    Venter,  Chris
    Third Year Students
    Clark,  Aubrey
    Marsden,  Anne (Robson)
    Stevenson,  June
    Stevenson,  Patrick
    Van Rensburg,  Derek “JJ”
    Graduates of 1967
    Acutt,  Georgina

    Clark,  Aubrey
    Lochore, Jean (Philip)
    Marsden,  Anne (Robson)
    Queripel, Rob
    Stevenson, June
    Stevenson, Patrick
    Thomas, Ian
    Van Rensburg,  Derek (JJ)
    Venter,  Chris