Year of 1972

    The Names of the 1972 Students with their of study.

    First Year Students
    Morris,  Gwen

    Schaefer,  Marilyn
    Second Year Students
    Bell,  Ros (Robbins)
    Broughton,  Melvyn
    Cheyne,  Brian
    Diehl,  Anna (Momberg)
    Elliot,  H
    Frangakis,  Ruth (Le Roux)
    Louw,  J
    McElroy,  Nancy
    Meyeridricks,  Mervin
    Milner,  Brian
    Milner,  Lorraine
    Pohlmann,  Dennis
    Randall,  Clive
    Randall,  Lynne
    Schutte,  RitaSmith,  Robert
    Strang,  Heather (Sheen)
    Third Year Students
    Els,  Evelyn
    Luyt,  Daphne
    McGuinness,  Graham
    Momberg,  Joe
    Naude,  Graham
    Nesbitt,  Jim
    O’Sullivan,  Sean
    Prior,  Mary
    Sawdon,  John
    Schenke,  Claudina
    Timm,  Nicholas
    Van Reenen,  Miriam
    Waldeck,  Val
    Graduates of 1972

    The Stories of the Past Students from the year of 1972.