of the

    Article 1: NAME:

    This Fellowship shall be known as the “Bible Institute of South Africa Past Students’ Fellowship”

    Article 2: AIMS:

    The aims of the Fellowship shall be:-
    (a) To maintain fellowship among Past Students.
    (b) To stimulate prayer and regular giving for the needs of the Institute.
    (c) To encourage the highest standards of Christian witness in accordance with the Doctrinal Basis and special aims of the Institute.
    (d) To make known the work and needs of the Institute through Past Students to the Christian public, and to prospective students.

    Article 3: MEMBERSHIP:

    (a) Membership shall normally be open to all who have left the Institute after completing at least one term of study, and who are duly elected by the Committee of the Past Students’ Fellowship. The Committee shall have authority to allow others to join in special circumstances.
    (b) Membership shall be by Annual Subscription determined by the Committee, and approved at the Annual Meeting of the Fellowship. It shall be payable by June 30th each year, and shall cover the cost of postage of the Handbook and Institute Magazine.
    (c) Application for membership shall be made through the Secretary of Fellowship.

    Article 4: OFFICERS:

    The Officers of the Fellowship shall be the President, Vice-Presidents and members of the Committee.

    (a) The President: The Principal of the Bible Institute of South Africa shall be the President of the Fellowship.
    (b) Vice-Presidents:  Past and Present full-time Tutors of the Institute shall be invited to become Vice-Presidents of the Fellowship. The Committee shall have power to nominate other persons as Vice-Presidents for election at the Annual Meeting.
    (c) The Committee: The Committee shall consist of:
    1. Chairman.
    2. Vice-Chairman.
    3. Secretary.
    4. Treasurer.
    5. Two other members.
    6. Liaison Tutor.
    7. One Present Student.

    With the exception of the Chairman, the Liaison Tutor and the present student, all Committee members shall be elected annually at the Annual Meeting of the Fellowship, the retiring members being eligible for re-election. Nominations for these offices shall be made in writing to the Secretary at least fourteen days before the Annual Meeting, each nomination being signed by the Proposer. The consent of the nominee to act, if elected, must first have been obtained.

    The Vice-Chairman in any year shall automatically become Chairman in the succeeding year.

    The Liaison Tutor shall be appointed by the Teaching Faculty of the Institute.

    It shall be the responsibility of the Committee to arrange, for the Annual Meeting of the Fellowship, and to make all such arrangements as are necessary for the furtherance of the Fellowship’s aims. They shall have power to co-opt other members if they think this necessary and shall administer the finances of the Fellowship.

    A quorum shall consist of not less than 50 percent of the members of the Committee, including the Chairman or Vice-Chairman.

    Article 5: ANNUAL  MEETING:

    The Annual Meeting of the Fellowship shall take place at an agreed time each year. At this meeting a financial report shall be submitted, the election of officers shall take place, and relevant business shall be conducted.


    The Constitution cannot be altered except by a two-thirds majority vote of members present at the Annual Meeting. At least one month’s notice of proposed alterations shall be given to the members.

    Adopted at a Meeting of’ Past Students held at the Bible Institute on 16th March, 1953.